Drug & Alcohol Testing

Comprehensive, efficient drug and alcohol testing.

Drug and alcohol testing is becoming an increasing part of routine employment medical testing, both for prospective and current employees.  Many companies are moving to put in place (if not already) a structured drug and alcohol testing program.

Harbour Road Medical can manage all aspects of your drug and alcohol testing program, with clinical on-site testing or testing at our clinic.

All testing is conducted by Nationally accredited staff using Australian Standard Drug and Alcohol Testing Kits.

The benefits of conducting regular and structured drug and alcohol testing include :

  • A safer working environment
  • Reduction in workplace injuries
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduction in Work Cover claims and insurance costs
  • Reduced overall risk to the business

Our testing kits incorporate adulteration testing which detects any tampering of samples.  Instant drug and alcohol test results are available immediately after testing and a copy is provided to both the employee and the employer.

Drug and Alcohol testing is available without an appointment.


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