Immunisation is important for everyone. It protects children, adults and the elderly against harmful infections within our the community.

Immunisation uses the body’s natural defense mechanism – the immune response – to build resistance to specific infections and helps us all stay healthy by preventing serious infections.  Vaccinations are conveniently performed within our practice by our qualified nursing staff and GPs.

Childhood immunisations

Immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting children against certain diseases. The risks of these diseases are far greater than the very small risk of immunisation. To ensure life-long protection, it is important to follow the recommended schedule. Vaccines for babies and young children are funded under the National Immunisation Program.  Once the immunisation has been given, we notify the Australian Childhood Immunisation register on your behalf.

Adult vaccination

Adequate vaccination is just as important for adults as it is for children. Some vaccines given during childhood need boosters to ensure they still offer protection in adulthood. Sometimes people miss having essential vaccines in childhood and are not protected against specific diseases.  Your doctor is best placed to advise you on whether you need any vaccines and can access your history via the National Immunisation Program Schedule to make recommendations.

Travel immunisations

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