Our Values

We provide a personal, caring and professional approach to wellbeing and disease prevention, for those needing a doctor in North Mackay.

Committed to a “whole person” approach to your medical treatment, Harbour Road Medical review your physical, mental and emotional well-being to provide high-quality medical care and advice.

The newly refurbished, North Mackay location boasts the latest medical equipment and modern facilities.

Ensuring continuity of care

Dedicated to you and your family, Habour Road Medical operates according to the values of the traditional family doctor.

We provide you with access to quality, affordable health care provided by practitioners who are dedicated to getting to know you and your family.

Doctors know you by name and aim to build personal relationships. Patients can comfortably share issues and concerns knowing they will be seen by the same doctor for each visit who has a detailed knowledge of your personal and family history. The result is far more effective, responsive and preventative health care.

Conveniently located in North Mackay, we offer vital immediate care as well as advice and preventative health care that you and your family need to actively and healthily progress through every life phase.