Employment Medicals

Matching the right candidate to the right job.

A pre-employment medical is conducted to determine the physical suitability of the prospective employee. Employers who value the safety, health and wellness of their employees conduct pre-employment medicals.

Their purpose is to place a candidate into a role in which they are both safe and productive.They are not designed to preclude people from the workforce.
Occupational Health Mackay conducts pre-employment medicals that are tailored to the specific needs of the business and of the position.

The medical will:

  • Include comprehensive physical examination
  • Identify specific needs testing (hearing, lung etc)
  • Identify past injuries that risk further aggravation
  • Identify medical conditions that may lead to absence
  • Enable you to make an informed decision
  • The employer is entitled to the complete assessment, which is provided in a format and language that can be quickly understood by non-medical personnel

The benefits of conducting pre-employment medicals include:

  • A safer working environment
  • Reduction in workplace injuries
  • Minimised downtime
  • Reduction in Work Cover claims and insurance costs
  • Matching the capacity of the employee with the role
  • Overall recruitment cost and risk reduction

Harbour Road Medical can customise a pre-employment medical to suit your company’s needs.

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