My Health Record

In 2016, a Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record now known as “My Health Record” was trialed and a record was created for every North Queenslander. On the 31st January 2019, a record will be created for every Australian unless they decide to “opt out”.

It’s important that we are informed about the use of our record and understand that we as individuals have the choice to opt out at any time and the ability to tailor our record. Don’t worry – if you opt out and decide later that you’d like one you can re-register.

The purpose of My Health Record is to give health professionals access to important health information when needed; whether this be a GP when having a check-up, a temporary doctor while travelling, a specialist or in an emergency situation if you’re unable to talk. Your record is only accessible by doctor’s that you allow to access it with an exception for emergency situations.

Your record contains important, relevant health information such as your allergies (and the reaction you have), medications you are taking, medical conditions you have been diagnosed with and pathology test results like blood tests. You have the ability to control what doctors see and you’re able to remove any information.

At your next appointment, feel free to ask your doctor or speak to the nurse about uploading to your health record. We wouldn’t have uploaded anything without checking with you first.

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